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Therapies Available

Sunil is trained in many techniques from the disciplines of active listening, counselling, philosophy and clinical hypnotherapy. Sunil uses the techniques that are most beneficial to you based on discovering your needs in the consulting room.


Here is a small selection of the therapies that Sunil is trained in.


This is a profound experience that will show you, in exquisite detail, visions of what you could achieve just a few years time or future lives hundreds of years in the future. Meet your future Today and give your life a better tomorrow.


Sunil was trained in FLP by the internationally respected Anne Jirsch

The amazing pain-free hypnotic technique that helps you regain control over your eating habits so that you are in full control of when you are full and your waistline.

The award winning, Easy Quit Smoking programme designed by the Essex Institute to help your resolve to stop smoking and become a natural born non smoker again.

Experience the powerful technique that gives you control at your cellular level to control the healing of your body.


Sunil was trained in this remarkable technique by top selling international Author, Dr David Hamilton PhD

Use the power of Clinical Hypnotherapy to find strategies and resolutions to the challenges that life can throw at you. Or just give yourself a mental boost to unlocking the barriers to becoming the best you can be.

Devised by world renowed hypnotherapist Terence Watts, meet the three most amazing people from your past that together make you who you are and can work together to resolve issues that you face.


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